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We could talk about our incredible products or service all day, but our customers tell it better!

Cody & Bronson

I’m so impressed with this treat box and it’s so worth it’s value. The customer service is great as well. Thank you so much.


Fantastic! My dogs absolutely loved this box of treats. Packaged very nicely indeed. The contents of the box far exceeded my expectations. All quality, super tasty items. Reasonably priced and delivered very swiftly. Thank you xxx

Willow and Hunter

Thank you for the treats Willow and Hunter absolutely loved them! A really good selection and treats to keep them entertained long enough for some peace and quiet! Good service, fast delivery, excellent quality and great packaging. Thank you we will be ordering again. 


Rocko love his box, he can be quite a picky boy at times but he loves these natural treats. Vickie was great with substituting one of the treats with something else as we already knew Rocko wouldn’t eat them. He’s been obsessively chewing the hoof and every time I put it away he gets it straight back out. Every time I go near where his box of goodies is kept he runs straight over, hoping to get something else from there. I can’t recommend Mr Kimba’s enough, healthy treats and dogs love them too - I couldn’t ask for more! 


Brady absolutely loves his Mr Kimba’s treat box! As a raw fed dog, I’m always looking for healthy, natural chews and treats for him to enjoy and this ticks all the boxes. It has a great variety of treats in there, which saves ordering lots of one item! Brady loves all of it and enjoys picking out of the box! Amazing service, super fast delivery and wrapped perfectly with a hand written note! We are on our second box already. 

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