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A specially formulated tablet for dogs and cats made using a pure and potent extract. Consisting of 95% curcuminoids - the active part of turmeric - they can help support your pet's natural anti-inflammatory processes. This may be of particular benefit to pets with troublesome joints. Extracted from whole root and with added Bioperine (black pepper extract) to help boost absorption, you can be sure that our supplement has maximised quality and bioavailability.


Historically, turmeric is well known for its naturally supportive properties in anti-inflammatory processes. There are likely to be many other benefits to taking turmeric though and studies are ongoing to discover them, so watch this space!

Turmeric 100 Tablets

£19.90 Regular Price
£12.00Sale Price
  • With the popularity of turmeric soaring there are unfortunately those wanting to make a ‘quick buck’ by selling low-quality produce. Turmeric has even been found to be mixed with other ingredients and artificially coloured. Good quality turmeric and curcumin supplements for dogs and cats will contain a standardised amount of curcuminoids of 95%. Dorwest Turmeric Tablets were made with this in mind and contain 95% curcuminoids, with each tablet providing 175mg of whole root turmeric extract, equivalent to 7175mg dry whole root.

    These Turmeric Tablets are fully traceable and vigorously tested from source to end product to ensure a pure and consistent high quality. 

    We know it might be tempting to use turmeric you see on the supermarket shelves but culinary turmeric is produced for taste, not the quality of the curcuminoid compounds.

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