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Scullcap and Valerian Tablets help to naturally relax your pet, with the active herbs naturally supporting the calming pathways within the nervous system, reducing anxiety without immobilising muscles or causing drowsiness.


They don’t make pets dopey or wobbly – in fact they are widely used for agility and show dogs when they need to be alert and focussed, but calm. One of the best-sellers, Scullcap and Valerian Tablets help tackle stress, fear and anxiety, whatever the cause, so you and your pet can relax, no matter what.

Scullcap and Valerian 100 Tablets

  • Scullcap & Valerian Tablets are useful in a variety of challenging situations: 

    • Noise phobias (fireworks/thunderstorms) 
    • New home/rescue 
    • Separation anxiety 
    • Travelling 
    • Habitual anxiety 
    • Canine cognitive dysfunction and associated confusion/disorientation 
    • Training/performance support 
    • False pregnancy - dog can become anxious and unsettled 
    • Hyperactive dogs 
    • Territorial urine spraying in cats 
    • Skin sensitivity in nervous dogs 
    • Conditions that are exacerbated by a heightened state of anxiety or nervous excitability 

    There are no quick fixes when it comes to successfully helping your dog to manage their anxiety or fears for the long-term. Often, gentle and consistent behavioural work and training are required to help them to respond more positively to stressful situations, which takes time.

    This process is likely to be more effective when your dog is more relaxed, and this is where Scullcap & Valerian Tablets can help. 


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