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Our highly requested puppy training treat box is here!


Easy to use, bite size treats to help make those training sessions affective!

Super tasty to encourage the best behaviour.

And of course, 100% natural, no nasties and low in fat.


Always provide fresh drinking water for your puppy and supervise them with the treats.



200g Pure Meat Turkey Pate (JR Pet Products)

100g Tuna Bites

100g Rabbit Bites

100g Duck Bites

100g Sprats


RRP: over £22.00


Suitable for puppies from as little as 8 weeks old.

Pasha's Ultimate Training Treat Box

Price Options
One-time purchase
£14.99 for 6 months!
£18.99every month for 6 months
  • Full contents can be provided on request. Contents may vary subject to availability and without notice. In any such events, the same proteins will be substitued. Contents guaranteed to have an RRP of more than the box price.

    We ask if your dog has any allergies that you add a note to your order so we can remove certain items, or simply contact us via Facebook, Instagram or Email and we will be happy to discuss your dog's needs.