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Puppy Teething Box!

For puppies 12 weeks plus (a continuation box from our Diddy Dogs Treat Box)


So you’ve got your new puppy all settled in after a couple of weeks and they have demolished our Diddy Dogs Treat Box... but your puppy is still not quite old enough to have the big chews! Their baby teeth typically fall out between 12-16 weeks old. And all our other boxes require your pup to have their adult teeth through (16+ weeks). I have been there with all my dogs so I understand a young pup who is teething and wanting to bite/ mouth absolutely everything! Well... we present to you...

Honey’s Special!

A box for that in between stage when your puppy needs something a little more exciting but isn’t quite ready for likes of a deer leg!


The box contains...

Rabbits ears (no fur)

Duck wings/Necks/Feet

Fish Sausage Sticks

Venison Sausage Sticks

Cow hoof

And 1 Pack of Jr Pet Products sticks (choose your flavour)


Suitable for puppies from 12 weeks old.

Honey’s Special

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  • Full contents can be provided on request. Contents may vary subject to availability and without notice. In any such events, the same proteins will be substitued. Contents guaranteed to have an RRP of more than the box price.

    We ask if your dog has any allergies that you add a note to your order so we can remove certain items, or simply contact us via Facebook, Instagram or Email and we will be happy to discuss your dog's needs.