The home of your dogs favourite natural treats! 

At Mr Kimba’s we have a variety of Natural Treat Boxes suitable for puppies and dogs of all ages and sizes. We specialise in raw dried natural treats and long lasting chews which are not only delicious but healthy and beneficial to your dog’s overall well-being.  


Our Natural Treat Selection Boxes are the perfect way to try lots of different treats without having to break the bank. Our boxes are perfect for young dogs, senior dogs, those just starting to try natural treats and humans who don’t quite know what to buy when looking online!  We’ve done all the hard work and picked some of the tastiest yet most beneficial foods for your dog to eat!


Everything is completely natural, air dried with absolutely no chemicals or extra ingredients. You can keep the treats in their box for 2-3 weeks in a drawer or cupboard! No need to refrigerate! What’s not to love? We want your dog’s tastebuds to be excited for what’s next, so what better way than to have a huge selection in one box!   


Your dog’s health is paramount for us and we are very passionate about our product. We cater for dogs with allergies too, just add a note about your dogs requirements when you purchase a box and we will personalise the box just for you.